What Is the Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boating Dragon Boating is an ancient Chinese tradition dating back 2,400 years. Known for its color and excitement, dragon boat racing is one of the earliest forms of boat competition. It will make its worldwide debut at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. For information or to form or join a team, please contact … Read more

The Dragon Boat Legend

The story of the Dragon Boat Races can be traced back 2400 years ago to the legend of Qu Yuan, who has become an historic model of patriotism in China. At that time China was divided into many states, and Qu Yuan was a minister of the state of Chu in the Yangtze River valley … Read more

Can You Use an Ohio Boating License in Tennessee

If you’re thinking of hitting the water in Tennessee, you may be wondering if your Ohio boating license will work in the Volunteer State. The answer is yes! You can use your Ohio boating license in Tennessee as long as you’re also carrying a photo ID. While you’re at it, make sure to bring along … Read more

Can You Use a Texas Boating License in Other States

While a boating license from Texas is not valid in other states, you may be able to use your boating safety education certificate. The Certificate of Completion that you receive from taking a boater safety course is also called a boat license or boating license by some people. The certificate does not expire and is … Read more

How to Use Boat Stands

Boat stands are an essential piece of equipment for any boat owner. They provide support and stability when your boat is not in the water and can protect your hull from damage. There are a few things to consider when using boat stands, such as the type of stand, the weight of your boat, and … Read more

Do You Have to Fill Pontoons With Air

Pontoons are one of the most popular types of boats for leisure activities like fishing and swimming. But did you know that pontoons have to be filled with air? That’s right, in order to keep your pontoon afloat, you need to make sure that there is air inside of it. While this may seem like … Read more

How to Use I Boating Nautical

There are many different types of boating nautical available, each with its own set of features and benefits. When deciding how to use a particular type of boating nautical, it’s important to consider the intended purpose for the equipment. For example, recreational boats used for fishing or pleasure cruising generally have different requirements than those … Read more

Can You Use a Car Gps on a Boat

Yes, you can use a car GPS on a boat. You can also use a boat GPS on a car. However, there are some things to keep in mind when using either type of GPS on the other type of vehicle. When using a car GPS on a boat, you will need to account for … Read more

Can You Use Simple Green on a Boat

It’s no secret that keeping a boat clean can be a challenge. Not only do you have to deal with salt water and sun exposure, but you also have to worry about things like algae and barnacles. So, when it comes time to clean your boat, what products should you use? Can you use Simple … Read more

Can You Use a Portable Generator on a Boat

You love your boat. It’s your escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But what happens when you want to take your boat out for a weekend getaway and there’s no marina nearby? Or, what if you find yourself in the middle of a power outage while on your boat? Can you use … Read more